42nd Annual

Course: Molokai to Oahu. From Kaluakoi Beach on the west end of Molokai to Maunalua Beach Park in Hawaii Kai on Oahu. 32 miles (53 km) across the Kaiwi channel.
Date: Sunday May 28, 2017

$18,000.00 PURSE


Escort Boat Waiver Form
2017 Molokai Entry Form
ACA Waiver Adult OR fill out the ACA online waiver form (available only through 5/22) Adult waiver-
ACA Waiver Minor OR fill out the ACA online waiver form (available only through 5/22) Minor waiver-


January 01 Registration opens.
April 30 12:00 midnight, early registration ends, late registration fee imposed.
May 14 12:00 midnight, Registration closes. Escort boat waiver and registration form due.
May 25 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Kona Brewing Company in Koko Marina Shopping Center, Hawaii Kai: Race check in and packet pick up.
May 27 5:30 p.m. Kaluakoi, Molokai.  Pre-race meeting and pre-race dinner.
May 28 RACE DAY!

  • Pule: 7:00 a.m.
  • Start #1: 7:45 a.m. SUP and Prone mandatory start, and self-proclaimed slow paddlers.
  • Start #2: 8:30 a.m. Female OC-1 and Surfski, and self-proclaimed slower/intermediate Male OC-1 and Surfski.
  • Start #3: 9:00 a.m. Elite Male OC-1 and Surfski.
  • Course Closes:  3:30 p.m. Paddlers must be around Portlock Point and inside China Wall or they will have to pull their craft off the water.
  • Post-Race: 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. Awards Banquet with ono food and Kona Brewing Company’s “Liquid Gold”
May 30 Take a breath and relax.
June 03 & 04 Maui Jim Ocean Festival in Ka’anapali, Maui. $50,000.00 purse. Click here for details.

Maui Jim Molokai Challenge DIVISIONS:


Relay is one division only, but can have 2 or 3 person teams for single seated crafts and 3 – 6 person teams for double seated crafts. There is not a different division for varying number of team members.

Craft Divisions:

Surfski-1, Surfski-2, Prone Paddleboard, SUP, V-1, OC-1, OC-2.

  • Surfski-1, OC-1:
    • Solo – Male and Female:
      • Junior (18 and under), 19 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50 – 56, 57 – 63, 64+
      • HAWAII RESIDENT: There will be a division and award for the top SS-1 Hawaii resident paddler
    • Relay: 2 or 3 paddlers per team.
      • Male and Female: Open = 1st–3rd, Juniors, 19-50, 50+.
      • Mixed: Open
  • V-1:
    • Solo – Male and Female: Open
    • Relay – Open (Male, Female or Mixed)
  •   Surfski-2, OC-2:
    • Solo
      • Male and Female: Open
      • Mixed: Open
    • Relay: 3 – 6 paddlers per team.
      • Male and Female: Junior, Open.
      • Mixed: Open
  • SUP:
    • Solo – Male and Female
      • Unlimited – Any board size: Open
    • Relay: 2 or 3 person teams: Male, Female and Mixed
      • Unlimited: Open
  • Prone:
    • Solo – Male and Female
      • Unlimited: Open
    • Relay: 2 or 3 person teams: Male, Female and Mixed
      • Unlimited: Open


  • Mixed divisions can have only 1 male paddler per single seat craft relay teams and only 2 male paddlers per double seat craft relay teams.
  • Relay teams cannot switch crafts every change. Substitute craft(s) allowed only once per race.
  • OC-1 and Surfski solo: Top 5 will be recognized as open with age group beginning with 6th
  • SUP and Prone solo: If there is a resounding amount of entries, we’ll open up age group divisions, with top 3 overall being recognized as open, and age groups per board division beginning at 4th
  • All relay teams are entered in the age group of the youngest team member. Hence, youngest paddler determines your category.
  • Relay teams in all disciplines will default top 3 to open with age group placing starting with 4th
  • There will be 3 starting times to send slower crafts and paddlers earlier. There will be a time cut off, so if you are slow and you want to finish the race, you should start in one of the first two starts.  It is mandatory to start at the time for which you registered!
  • Prize money is limited only to Surfski and OC-1

Start Times:

Early start times are mandatory for slower crafts and recommended for    paddlers who know they will be slow. YOU MUST START AT THE TIME FOR WHICH YOU REGISTERED!

Start #1: 7:45 am SUP and Prone mandatory start. And self-proclaimed slow paddlers.
Start #2: 8:30 am Female OC-1 and Surfski, slower/intermediate Male OC-1 and Surfski
Start #3: 9:00 am Elite Male OC-1 and Surfski

Course Closes at 3:30 pm.

If you are not at Portlock Point by 3:30 pm, you must pack your craft on your escort and ride in.  If you continue paddling without authorization by the officials you will be disqualified. This is a safety precaution as we need to be certain all persons are safely accounted for on Oahu well before dark in the event of an emergency.

Registration options:

  1. Forms can be downloaded and mailed with a check to:
    • Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association
    • PO Box 342152, Kailua, HI 96734.
    • Please CLICK HERE for registration and waiver form.
  2. You can register online at

Entry Fee:

Solo entries

Before April 23:
  • $230.00 per adult paddler
  • $115.00 per junior (18 and under). Contact Kanaka Ikaika for junior discount code
From April 24–May 14:
  • $275.00 per adult paddler
  • $160.00 per junior (18 and under)

Relay entries

Before April 23:
  • $200.00 per adult paddler
  • $100.00 per junior (18 and under). Contact Kanaka Ikaika for junior discount code
From April 24–May 14:
  • $245.00 per adult paddler
  • $145.00 per junior (18 and under)

May 16: Registration Closed

Entry fee includes an event shirt, Scott Hawaii slippers, a meal ticket for the awards banquet after the race, raffle ticket to win great prizes and more.


Additional banquet meal tickets can be purchased for $42.00 with your registration. Extra meal tickets must be purchased in advance. You cannot purchase meal tickets the night of the banquet.

Prize Money. $18,000.00 purse:

For Surfski and OC-1 Elite Solo category only.

  Male SS Male OC-1 Female SS Female OC-1
1st Overall      To be determined later
2nd Overall      To be determined later
3rd Overall      To be determined later
4th Overall      To be determined later
5th Overall      To be determined later
19-29      To be determined later
30-39      To be determined later
40-49      To be determined later
50-56      To be determined later
57 +      To be determined later

Pre-race packet pick up and escort boat captain’s information:

Thursday May 25th 4:00 – 7:00 PM at Kona Brewing Company in Koko Marina, Hawaii Kai.  Plan to stay for a few beers and some dinner at the Kona Brew Pub.

Pre- Race Meeting on Molokai:

Saturday May 27th, 5:30 PM in the courtyard at Kaluakoi Villas.

Escort Boat Information. Each paddler or team entry must have an escort boat.

Escort Boat hire:

If you do not have an escort boat, contact Escort Boats Hawaii who will assist you in securing an escort boat and captain experienced at crossing the channel. Escort Boats Hawaii takes their jobs seriously as safety is their #1 concern. You can reach them by email at: or by calling (808) 306-4121.

All competitors will be REQUIRED to send in a boat waiver in order for their entry to be confirmed – Please CLICK HERE for boat waiver and submit no later than May 16, 2017.

Molokai Protocol and Good Neighbor Policy

  • Observe a no wake (less than 5 mph) speed within 500 yards of any shoreline. There have been several instances of speeding escort boats almost hitting divers.
  • No fishing of any type within 500 yards of shore.
  • No Opihi picking.
  • No harvesting of lobster, it is out of season from May to August.
  • No camping on private property or non-designated camping areas, including Make Horse Beach. The Molokai Police Department will be sending officers to cite unpermitted camping.  There will be a legal, permitted set up at Papohaku Park.
  • You must pick up your trash.  It would be a great gesture of good will if you could leave Molokai cleaner than when you got there.
  • The Shoreline area will be patrolled 24/7. Any escort boats on in compliance with the rules above will be recorded and will be marked for all future events that start or finish in Molokai.  All Molokai event organizers have agreed to abide by the rules and ban any captains and their boats that do not respect the local protocol. Please kokua!

Escort Boat Requirements:

  • All athletes/teams are responsible for obtaining and turning in the escort boat waiver AND a copy of your captain’s boating certificate or credentials if USCG merchant mariner. These waivers are available to download from the website and must be mailed or e-mailed to by May 16, 201 in order for your entry to be accepted
  • IT IS MANDATORY that all escort boats check in with lead official on channel 72 before the start of the race. Any paddler whose boat has not been checked in cannot race and will not be considered as part of the event or the responsibility of the event organizers. Water patrol will be on-hand to enforce this rule.
  • Escort boats must have at least one spotter in addition to the captain.
  • Escort boats must assist any paddler or boat in distress.
  • All escort boats must have fixed VHF radios. No hand held VHF radios allowed, this is a DQ offense. Escort boats must check in with the head official boat prior to the first start at 7:50 am.  Primary channel is 72 after the race start.  Escort boats must confirm connection with their paddler on VHF 72. Back up channel is 71.
  • Race officials must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the start of the race of any changes to escort boat information.
  • All escort boats must meet current United States Coast Guard Standards as defined by the USCG and must have passed the BOATER SAFETY EDUCATION SAFETY CLASS AND HAVE THEIR BOATER SAFETY EDUCATION CARD ON THEM AT ALL TIMES.                                                                                                          
  • At the end of the race, escort boats must check out with the head official boat on vhf 72 when their paddler reaches Portlock Point and begins the turn into Maunalua Bay.

 Things to consider when hiring an escort boat

  1. Extra Riders: A helper/Safety Swimmer is helpful. Person must know how to Swim and be Boat Oriented. Rider(s) must Swim Offshore to Board Vessel. Major concern is Liability for extra Passengers on Board. If boat is Big enough to carry extra Passenger an additional Fee may be required.
  2. Transporting race day provision’s: To avoid hauling Provisions on the Plane or Swimming it out to the Boat. Make arrangements to have Provisions go to Molokai on Board your Escort Boat..
  3. Obtain a Picture of the boat that will be escorting you and meet up with your Boat Captain once in Hawaii to identify what your Boat looks like. There will be many Boats offshore at the start and very difficult to identify.  You can drop water and provisions to your boat in Oahu or request that your boat load up with water prior to the race.  You will be loading your boat from the shore in Molokai so think about this as you plan what you need.
  4. When contacting Escort Boats Hawaii for an escort boat please give them the category you will be competing in so they can get you a Boat that fits your needs. Also inquire about transporting your paddle craft.
  5. At the end of the Race, please promptly locate your Escort Boat and collect your personal belongings. Your Boat Captain will wait up to 15 minutes after you have crossed the Finish Line for you and may have to move the boat as not to create a Boat Congestion at the Finish Line. This is critical if you do not have a helper on board.
  7. Competitor is responsible to make sure their boat captain understands all these rules and regulations and turns in all appropriate forms.

Safety Precautions

  1. All escort boats must meet current United States Coast Guard Standards as defined by the USCG
  2. Make sure at least one person in your escort boat is CPR certified and has basic first aid knowledge and equipment.
  3. Make sure the tether to your craft has a quick release Wear brightly colored shorts and a hat. Carry or wear a personal flotation device.
  4. Carry a Coast Guard approved personal location device on your person.
  5. Have all persons on your escort boat wear personal flotation devices. Inspect your escort boat, make sure it is safe.
  6. Make sure your boat has a bullhorn or megaphone so your boat can communicate with you.
  7. Make sure your boat has binoculars, flares, and other emergency equipment.
  8. Meet with your escort boat captain prior to the race to discuss the race morning loading plan, all safety procedures, race route, where to meet before the race starts so you can get your gear on board, and how to meet after the race starts.  Make sure the race number sticker is on both sides of the boat in a clearly visible area.
  9. Make sure you carry your boat captain’s contact info with you at all times on Molokai. This includes, boat description/name, Hawaii phone number, cell phone number, and home phone number and email.
  10. PWCs (personal watercraft ie jetskis) are not allowed on any of the beaches in Hawaii. Under no circumstances can a PWC beach itself onto any of the Hawaiian shorelines.

 Some surfski rental options:

Some OC-1 rental options:

Boat and Board Transportation from Oahu to Molokai:             

You have three options to transport your craft to Molokai (from Oahu):

  1. Send it up on your escort boat.  Check with Escort Boats Hawaii about this service.
  2. Send it on a trailer which will depart Tuesday prior to the race. Loading will be Monday afternoon in Hawaii Kai near the boat ramp. Boats and boards will be available in                             Kaluakoi Thursday morning May 25th.  Contact:
  3. Book a 3rd party transport on selected escort boats.  Escort Boats Hawaii will handle this service. Space is limited. Contact:

For option #2: Hina Kai X-press will be handling all the bookings and transportation. Cost will be $75.00 for Surfskis, boards and SUP, and $100.00 for OC-1/OC-2. Contact Kekai at, or call 808 271-6573 to make your booking.

For option #3: Escort Boats Hawaii will be handling all the bookings. You will be responsible to deliver your ski, canoe or board to the transport boat on Wednesday or Thursday prior to the race (location variable depending on where captain’s boat is located). Cost is $100.00.

For questions and additional information, contact us at

Recommended accommodations (on Oahu):

  1. Our hotel partner, Aqua Hospitality is offering a 15% discount on ALL their properties to the paddlers, not just for the week of Molokai, but for the entire year! Go to:  or call the reservations dept. at (866)-940-2782
    • Use promo code:  H2O2017
  2. Or for affordable lodging in a country setting check out Kokokahi YWCA, which is on the water in Kaneohe Bay, on windward Oahu. For as little as $21.00 per person, per night you stay in a rustic Hawaiian cabin with common bathrooms and lots of outside space in a beautiful oceanfront setting. You can also tent camp for $12.00 per night. Visit: for information. To make bookings or inquiries, you can also contact Kelly Stechman by e-mail at or phone 808 247-2124. Minimum two weeks notice is required.

Travel to Molokai:

  1. You can go up on your escort boat
  2. Book your commercial flights at:
      1. Molokai Vacation Rentals has a relationship with Mokulele air, Molokai Outdoors and Alamo rent a car. They can coordinate everything on Molokai including your trip from Oahu.
  3. Outside travel agent arrangements

On Molokai:

Full packages:

If you don’t want to manage all the logistics yourself; WE PADDLE AUSTRALIA can take care of everything:  Airfare to Hawaii and to Molokai, hotels and ground transportation on Oahu and Molokai, escort boat hire, ski hire, nutrition, training program if desired and more.  WE PADDLE AUSTRALIA will also be organizing downwind paddles on Oahu the week prior to the race with a small boat trailer that will make (multiple) daily trips to Hawaii Kai and/or Makapu’u. Visit: or email for more information.

Post Race: Banquet Awards dinner. 6:00 – 10:00 pm. There will be ono food, a no host bar featuring Kona Beer, awards and great raffle prizes.  Additional banquet meal tickets can be purchased for $42.00 with your race registration. Extra meal tickets must be purchased in advance. You cannot purchase meal tickets the night of the banquet.

Maui Jim Ocean Festival: Stick around another week and vie for your share of the $50,000.00 purse! Multi discipline sprint race format in swimming, Surfski, SUP, OC-1 and Prone Paddle boarding. On Ka’anapali Beach in Maui this is an event not to miss. Visit

For questions and additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us at