• Location: Pinky’s Pupu Bar & Grill


Saturday May 23, 2015


  • 7:00-8:30 a.m. Registration at Muddy Waters Espresso in Aikahi Park Shopping Center, near Safeway.
  • 9:30 a.m. Long Course start for Male 19-39 and 40–54
  • 9:00 a.m. Long Course start for all other divisions
  • 10:30 a.m. Short Course start
  • Pre-registration cost per paddler: $40.00 ($360.00 for OC-6 teams and $180.00 for OC-3 teams) at flpregister.com until midnight on Thursday May 21st., or at Foti Paddle shop in Kapaa Quarry.
  • Late registration per paddler: $50.00 ($480.00 for OC-6 and $240.00 for OC-3)

Lunch and awards will be provided by WHOLE FOODS MARKET immediately following in Kapiolani Park.

Divisions & Crafts

All crafts and divisions as per Kanaka Ikaika standards. Age division is based on the youngest member of team:

  • Long Course: OC-1, Surfski, V-1 (2 or 4 person relay division), OC-2, SS-2 (4 or 8 person relay division), OC-6 (12 persons), OC-3 (6 persons).
  • Short Course:OC-1, Surfski, V-1, SUP (open board class), Prone (open board class), OC-2 and SS-2,

OC-6 (12 persons), OC-3.

  • Categories for OC-1, Surfski-1, V-1, SUP and Prone:
    • Male: Open (top 3), Junior, 19-39, 40-54, 55-64, 65+
    • Female: Open (top 3), 44 and under, 45 and older
    • Mixed: Open
  • Categories for OC-6, OC-3, OC-2 and Surfski-2
    • Male, Female and Mixed: No age groups. Open division only


  • Long Course: Castle Point outside canal in Kailua Bay to Kaimana Beach (course is broken into four legs)
  • Short Course: Makapuu to Kaimana Beach (course is broken into two legs)

Leg 1 (Long Course):  

  • Male 19-39 and 40-54: The start will be at the mouth of the Pinky’s canal and will go out around Bird Island, to Sandbags in Lanikai – 6 miles.
  • All other divisions will go straight through Kailua Bay to the transition point at Sandbags in Lanikai – 4 miles.

Leg 2 (Long Course):

  • Male 19-39 and 40-54: From Sandbags in Lanikai, split the Mokulua Islands to Makai Pier (AROUND THE JETTY)- 7 miles
  • All other divisions will go straight through Waimanalo Bay (6 miles)

Leg 3 (Start of Short Course):  Maikai Pier to Hawaii Kai Bath House – 9.5 miles

Leg 4: From Hawaii Kai Bath House to Kaimana beach (AROUND BLINKER BUOY)- 8.5 miles

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LONG COURSE – 4 legs. Castle Point to Lanikai via Bird island and Mokulua isles. Lanikai to Makai Pier, Makapu’u splitting Kaimana.
The Mokulua Isles. Makai Pier to Hawaii Kai. HK to Kaimana
1M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1AustinRamler3:52:58
2M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1MausioGilbert3:57:12
3M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1PrattLoyola3:57:54
4M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1GaetaKau4:02:13
5M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1HemmingsWoods4:03:33
6M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1LangeItchner4:03:46
7M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1HanoaKaawa4:04:03
8M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1CrowleyWorthington4:08:22
9M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1RyanCito4:09:23
10M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1BruhnAkana4:09:49
11M-OPEN 40-54 OC-1 RELAYOC-1FotiFoti4:10:12
12M-OPEN 40-54 OC-1 RELAYOC-1DubruleNapoleon4:17:27
13M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1KeliipuleoleLange4:21:37
14M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1ValentiHaia4:22:25
15M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1ConnerJackson4:23:34
16M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1StanleyPatcho4:27:22
17M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1CodyCamuso4:27:56
18M-55-64 OC-1 RELAYOC-1AkeoBrown4:32:36
19M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1MaeaFuga4:34:14
20M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1SantosAlencastre4:38:02
21M-OPEN 40-54 OC-1 RELAYOC-1McOwenGiovannini4:40:45
22M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1FlackArasawa4:44:26
23M-OPEN 19-39 OC-1 RELAYOC-1BroussardTadeo4:45:18
24M-OPEN 40-54 OC-1 RELAYOC-1KapanaHorner4:45:24
25M-OPEN 40-54 OC-1 RELAYOC-1SeghornClarke4:50:10
1M-OPEN(OC1-4MAN) RELAYOC-1 (4-Person)FeldbergSweazyMcIntireNelson4:50:56
1X-OC-1 MIX RELAYOC-1EsquivelEsquivel4:34:39
1M-OPEN 19-39 Surfski RELAYSurfskiDolanZsolt3:32:37
2M-OPEN 19-39 Surfski RELAYSurfskiAndersonClues3:44:51
3M-OPEN 19-39 Surfski RELAYSurfskiMcGregorFurby3:45:26
4M-OPEN 19-39 Surfski RELAYSurfskiTopferPiercy3:47:43
1M-OPEN(V-1) RELAYV-1HashimotoCox4:23:18
2M-OPEN(V-1) RELAYV-1NakamuraJudd5:16:20
1F-OPEN(OC6-6MAN) RELAYOC-6Outrigger Canoe Club4:28:50
LONG SHORT – 4 legs.   Castle Point direct to Lanikai.   Lanikai direct to Makai Pier, Makapu’u. Makai Pier to Hawaii Kai. HK to Kaimana.
1F-1-44 OC-1 RELAYOC-1KahakuiKaawa4:02:30
2F-1-44 OC-1 RELAYOC-1GabehartGorecki4:15:51
3F-1-44 OC-1 RELAYOC-1GrantRaams4:22:22
4F-1-44 OC-1 RELAYOC-1McDowellDenton4:24:20
5F-1-44 OC-1 RELAYOC-1CrabbBorges4:32:23
6F-1-44 OC-1 RELAYOC-1LopezRosenbohm4:38:57
7F-1-44 OC-1 RELAYOC-1Strapple JingaoKeith4:42:05
1F-OPEN(OC1-4MAN) RELAYOC-1 (4-Person)FotiPetersMcGovern-HopkinsSmith4:49:08
2X-OPEN(OC1-4MAN) RELAYOC-1 (4-Person)GonzalesMartinezStrandVasquez4:50:59
1X-OC-1 MIX RELAYOC-1RoozendaalStill4:01:02
1F-OPEN(OC-2) RELAYOC-2MillerSantosFoxMiller5:18:16
1F-OPEN(OC6-6MAN) RELAYOC-6Team Ray3:59:58
SHORT COURSE – 2 legs: Makapu’u to Hawaiia Kai – Hawaii Kai to Kaimana
1M-40-54 OC-1OC-1LevoraMorris2:38:47
2M-40-54 OC-1OC-1LukasRoney2:48:20
3F-45-99 OC-1OC-1McKeeBreame2:52:36
4Mix OC-1 ShortOC-1SmithYim2:56:51
5M-40-54 OC-1OC-1MizushimaFabrigas3:04:08
6Mix OC-1 ShortOC-1Gumapac-McguireGumapac-Mcguire3:11:30